A Life like any Other

with Quality Care Providers

Quality Care Providers

People with LD have suffered discrimination and stereotyping in many areas of their lives. This has made them liable to social exclusion, poverty and isolation which in some cases has led to short life expectancy.

QCP was established 2004 within the Reading Area as an offshoot of “Residential Care Services Ltd” (RCS) in London which has been in service since 1995. We are an established and well-resourced company with a highly experienced and skilled management team. We have an active development programme and are continuing to develop a range of innovative new services across Reading.All QCP services comply with the regulatory requirements of the Care Commissions for England, Scotland and Wales. When developing new services, the location, design and furnishings are all decided in consultation with the people who will live there, their carers, the care commissions and other professionals such as occupational therapists.

When a referral is made to one of our services, we work closely with families and professionals to assess individual needs and ensure compatibility with the existing service users. We operate a number of services specifically designed to meet the needs of people who have severe disabilities and medical conditions that require twenty-four hour care from qualified nursing staff.QCP provides an extensive range of respite care, designed to give families and carers and the individual disabled person a well deserved break from their usual day to day living. Bookings can be made in advance to meet planned commitments or at short notice to meet emergency situations. The period of respite can range from a few hours to an overnight stay, to two full weeks or longer if required.

Why Choose Us?

QCP recognises and works in line with the Government policy’s, “putting people first and valuing people now”. This encompasses the following:

User voice / people as local citizens

Primary Health Care / Staying Healthy

Personalisation of service to individuals

– underpinned by person centred planning

Relationship building

Better Housing for Service users

Service User Inclusion

Connecting and fully engaging as a member of a local community